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The Lute / The Sounds. Novel by Michael Roes is nominated for German Book Prize 2012

Die Laute
We are proud to announce that "The Lute / The Sounds. Novel" by Michael Roes is longlisted for the German Book Prize 2012.

»Beyond Silence, the movie by Caroline Link connects deafness and music and you also might be reminded of Beethoven but how Michael Roes works with this topic in die Laute is nothing less than superb. You see the vivid picture of the Yemeni boy Asis, who goes deaf and becomes a musician at the same time. As Asis begins to ›see‹ sounds and noises you will feel like being right in the inside of his soul. Roes's style is never pretentious, always cautious but also straight to the point and arranged artfully. A fascinating book against the loudness in the world.«
Carsten Tergast, Bücher

You can find more information on the book here.


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Byung-Chul Han, Tiredness Society. Essay (German: Müdigkeitsgesellschaft)
Paperback: 72 pages
Sold to: Brazil (Vozes); France (edition circé); Spain (Herder Editorial); Italy (Nottetempo); China (Locus); Korea (Moonji); Sweden (Ersatz); Denmark (Moller); Netherlands (van Gennep); Turkey (Pinar Yayinlari)

»It is rare that a philosophical book is sold out within two weeks. Yet the first 2000 copies of the little book are gone; the second edition is going into print. His [Han’s] trick is to take on depression and world history both at the same time in his new essay of only 60 pages.«
  Harald Jähner, Frankfurter Rundschau

»A short essay has rarely been so effortless and effective in confronting contemporary commonplaces in which we comfortably indulge.«
  Adam Soboczynski, Die Zeit

Byung-Chul Han, Transparent Society. Essay (German: Transparenzgesellschaft)
Paperback: 96 pages
Sold to: France (edition circé); Spain (Heder); Italy (Nottetempo); Korea (Moonji); Denmark (Moller); Netherlands (van Gennep)

»A gem of philosophical social criticism.«
Andreas Wirthensohn, Süddeutsche Zeitung

» … An amazing clairvoyant attack against the educational Zeitgeist.«
Harald Jähner, Frankfurter Rundschau

»An apology for aesthetic and contemplation… «
Uwe Ebbinghaus, F.A.Z.

»A strong plea against the universal exposure.«
Tim Caspar Boehme, taz

»Hans theories can help to understand the 21st century … A really gripping and inspiring book.«
Elias Honert,

»A keen little book.«
Ariadne von Schirach,

»A long overdue input.«
Christina Bauermeister, politik & kommunikation

»Byung-Chul Han sampled the defining theory for the Transparenzgesellschaft, which deserves its diffuse attention.«
Philipp Felsch, literaturen

»Han has indeed an intuition for diagnosis of the presence.«
Aram Lintzel,

Peter Trawny, Media and Revolution. Essay (German: Medium und Revolution)
Paperback: 85 pages
Rights available

»A lighted match over a barrel full of petrol.«
  Jean-Luc Nancy

»an enlightening diagnosis of our time.«
  Michael Böhm, Süddeutsche Zeitung

»Trawny does not present an antimodern elegy, but rather a philosophycally highly concentrated treaty.«
  Nils Markwardt, der Freitag

Christian Welzbacher, The Radical Fool of the Capital. On Jeremy Bentham (German: Der radikale Narr des Kapitals. Jeremy Bentham, das »Panoptikum« und die »Auto-Ikone«)
Paperbound: 219 pages
Sold to: Italy (Liberilibri)

»Christian Welzbacher casts Bentham in a new light. It's time to rehabilitate or at least relativise Jeremy Bentham.«
 Gabriele Klempert,

»Jeremy Bentham Revisited! Christian Welzbacher disenchants the dystopy of the Panopticon.«
 Kai-Uwe Reinhold, Dresdner Kulturmagazin

Alexander Pschera, 800 Millions (German: 800 Millionen. Apologie der sozialen Medien)
Paperbound: 111 pages
Rights available

»It is a sometimes overstrung, always interesting and in parts brilliant text which leaves prevalent journalism on internet far behind. Chapeau!«
 Lesart – Deutschlandradio

»The author, who belongs to the Catholic intelligentsia, approaches a philosophical apology of social media by means of his ideological background’s optimistic view, without denying their risks. When he names them, he always puts them into a context of the society as a whole – and with that he gets much closer to reality than many politically left-wing critics of social media or those of the burgoisie.«
 Jürgen Wittner, uMag

»A highly intelligent, enlightening essay about social networks.«
 Florian Felix Weyh

»Everyone should and can find a perspective in this book with which he will understand social media, every page offers a new approach, a new angle.«
 Dimitrij Naumov, Jordan&Partner Blog

»The book takes the reader on a contemplatice journey. Pschera knows how to create an imaginative room which permits a gentle rethinking by means of references to art, mythology and literature, and which realises a deliverance of frightening, overwhelming structures.«
 Mahret Kupka,

Hans-Martin Schönherr-Mann, Philosophy of Love (German: Philosophie der Liebe)
Paperbound: 192 pages
Rights available

An essay against the adage: ›Delight lasts short, regret lasts long.‹

An apology of the ecstatic and abysmal as principal of individuation, which is used by human beings to withdraw from any connection of utilization and to get to themselves rather than to any societal “notplace”. An aphoristic essay with all-embracing knowledge about the connection between lust and regret.

Marie Luise Knott: Unlearning with Hannah Arendt
(German: Verlernen. Denkwege bei Hannah Arendt)

Clothbound:152 pp. with illustrations
Sold to: USA (Other Press); UK (Granta); Italy (Cortina Raffaello)

»Marie Luise Knott's essays enables the reader to benefit from Arendt, even where you are not willing to follow her. It doesn't show her ways of thinking as a fixation of certainties but as a process to dissolve certainties and to systematically forget them.«
  Wolfgang Matz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»Intelligent Essays.«
  Regina Kohler, Das Blättchen

»This book is an asset.«
  Stephanie Hanel, Emotion

»A brilliant essay!«
  Adam Soboczynski at the Leipzig Book Fair Prize

Manfred Schneider, The Assasination (German: Das Attentat)
Clothbound: 768 pages
Sold to: Italy (Neri Pozza)

»... a standard work on assasination.«
  Thomas Humnitzsch,

»... Fascinating.«

»A brilliant portrayal of famous assasinations; lucid and tremendously illuminating analyses of political constellations.«
  Adam Soboczynski, Die Zeit


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Michael Roes, The Lute / The Sounds. Novel (German: die Laute. Roman)
Clothbound: 400 pages
Sold to: Denmark (Vandkunsten)

Die Laute

Volker Harry Altwasser, Last Fishermen. Novel (German: Letzte Fischer. Roman)
Clothbound: 503 pages
Rights available

»...a captivating novel, very recommendable.«
  Günther Freund, Buchprofile/Medienprofile

»It is splendid how Altwasser – almost casually – manages to intone his book as a nostalgic swan song on the fishermen’s world.«
  Peter Henning, KulturSPIEGEL

Esther Kinsky, Summer Resort. Novel (German: Sommerfrische. Roman)
Clothbound: 128 pages
Sold to: English World Rights (Seagull), Hungary (Scolar Kiado)

»A novel like a poem.«
Sybille Mulot, Spiegel Online

»Esther Kinsky describes small every day situations in a highly intense and poetical langugage. At one point things and people seem to float and we become witnesses of a surreal-languorous and romantic summer dream.«
Claus-Ulrich Bielefeld, rbb Kulturradio

Dirk Kühn, Braunschweiger Zeitung

»The translator Esther Kinsky wrote her first beautiful novel, which can get you drunk. No sentence is like you expect it to be and the plot is drowned in heat and melancholy.«
Claudia Vogt, KulturSPIEGEL

»Esther Kinsky (...) is known as a great translator (...). With this book I have to say: She is a sensational author as well.«
Hans-Peter Kunisch, Süddeutsche Zeitung

»... a language which will open your eyes – and ears.«
Claudia Kramatschek, Neue Bücher - NDR

Esther Kinsky, Banatsko. Novel (German: Banatsko. Roman)
Clothbound: 246 pages
Sold to: Poland (W.A.B.), Hungary (Scolar Kiado)

»Banatsko [is] a poetical sensation.«
  Uli Hufen, Deutschlandradio

»Superb literature.«
  Uwe Schütte, Wiener Zeitung

Michael Roes, The Way to Timimoun. Novel (German: Der Weg nach Timimoun. Roman)
Clothbound: 175 pages
Rights available

Philipp Schönthaler, Above life is open. Short Stories (German: Nach oben ist das Leben offen. Erzählungen)

Hardcover: 201 pages
Single stories sold to: USA/UK (readux)

»How Schönthaler lets the characters think and talk to each other in an impulsive language full of facts is as impressive as shocking.«
 Anja Hirsch, F.A.Z.

»[...] a great storyteller.«
 Sandra Prophet, Thüringische Landeszeitung

»You can learn from this author!«
 Sonja Stephan, Lesarten

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