Fearful Beast

Fearful Beast

174 pages


Genre: Nature, Fiction, Literary Novel
With inimitable humor and a fine sense of human contradictions, Lola Randl reinvents the horror genre

The little house in the countryside was a real stroke of luck, Friedel is pregnant and Jakob finally has the peace he needs to write his second novel. Everything is perfect. Well, almost. Of course, first they have to renovate and build a changing table and maybe a bed, because bought beds wouldn't fit into this idyll at all. Then it can finally be the way Jakob always wanted it to be when he was a child. The neighbors are helpful, but they have their own ideas about life in the country. It's not normal that Ramona, the overweight mother of Denny, who must have had the hots for the house long before them, turns Jakob's head like that. Fortunately, there are still the woods and nature. After Jakob is attacked and bitten by an animal one night, however, his own nature comes to light more and more often. He discards the work on his book, it does not harmonize with his engaging daydreams and harsh escapades anyway. Much more interesting to him now seem the legends from the surrounding area. What is the story about the hairy villagers and the talking horse's head all about? Has everyone here always been crazy?

German title: Angsttier
ISBN: 978-3-7518-0060-0
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Publication date: 2022



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Lola Randl, born in 1980 in Munich, works as a screenplay writer and filmmaker. 

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