The Long Night of the Metamorphosis

The Long Night of the Metamorphosis

220 pages


Genre: Sociology, Politics, Philosophy, Essay, Nonfiction
"Post-modern, post-historical, post-democratic, post-factual: a bold ramble through the LED-enlighted no-man‘s-land belonging to the ‚new human‘.„ Guillaume Paoli

We are witnessing a fundamental human transformation: our subjectivity, our intimacy and our connection to the world around us have dramatically changed. The economic situation is not defining people any longer but the affinity to a certain cultural ideal: We have to be progressive, liberal, cosmopolitan, democratic and tolerant. Guillaume Paoli strides through the long night of metamorphosis and depicts its social and cultural shape in media, in postmodern philosophy, in historical revisionism, in contemporary literature, in journalism and theaters, in pop music, in urban development and politics. And he thereby reveals, that behind the claimed diversity of our societies, the assimilation of lifestyle and expression continues.

German title: Die lange Nacht der Metamorphose - Über die Gentrifizierung der Kultur
ISBN: 978-3-95757-474-9
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Publication date: 2017
Print run: 2

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Guillaume Paoli is a French journalist and philosopher living in Berlin. He is one of the founder of the movement of the „Happy Unemployed“.

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"In other words, 'The Long Night of the Metamorphosis' is a very good and very important, an extraordinary book. Anyone who really wants to know what kind of time we are living in again and how to think about it in a meaningful way should read it. Several times. Smarter and clearer has rarely been written about the intricacies of the situation in 2017." - Jens-Christian Rabe, Süddeutsche Zeitung