Flexen in Miami

Flexen in Miami

199 pages


Genre: Fiction, Literary Novel
A story of love and technics, of identities and games, of jellyfishes, human beings, drones and avatars. And of all the possibilities in between.

At the invitation of the Rhoxus Foundation, the narrator Joshua comes to Miami where he has to stay at a very smart apartment: drones deliver money and space food, the room temperature adjusts itself automatically, the fridge is the only conversational partner. The computer game »Cloud Control« offers the only change, it feeds itself in real time from the gamers‘ data. At a NBA match Joshua meets the marine biologist Claire. They travel to Nassau after a few weeks and she reveals her pregnancy without telling him whether he is the child’s father or not. „Flexen in Miami“ is a love story questioning how de we know that we exist and how we can face each other: as humans or avatars, in life as well as in the cloud. In his long-awaited novel Joshua Groß talks about various notches, traps, glitches and uncertainties in the reality which we call our present. 


Anna Seghers Prize 2019

German title: Flexen in Miami
ISBN: 978-3-95757-884-6
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Publication date: 2020

Sample translation

English sample available 

Joshua Groß is born in 1989. He has taken part to the literature festival of Klagenfurt in 2019 and has already published sereval short stories.

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