Crows. A Portrait

Crows. A Portrait

155 pages

Hardcover with numerous illustrations

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction, Nonfiction, Nature, Nature Writing
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The family of crows, scientifically named “corvidae” is a relative young one the history of songbirds. 123 species belong to this family which also counts species like magpies and jays, its closest relatives are popinjays. Contrary to them, crows are to be found everywhere on the planet. The myths which follow them are always as dark as theirs feathers and are always dealing with evil and death. Even the increasing number of studies on their outstanding intelligence didn’t succeed in freeing them from their bad reputation. To the contrary. Alone the fact that crows have a greater capacity to memorizing than humans is interpreted as a sign for their eeriness.

Cord Riechelmann tells this incredible story, mixing history and nature, and introduces twenty crows which he himself observed on the five continents.


German title: Krähen - Ein Portrait
ISBN: 978-3-88221-048-4
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Publication date: 2013
Print run: 8
Series: Naturkunden Vol. 001
Illustration: Falk Nordmann
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Dänemark, China, Spanien, Italien, Norwegen, Schweden

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Cord  Riechelmann,  born  in  1960,  studied  biology  and  philosophy at the Free University in Berlin. He was a temporary lecturer for “The Social Behavior of Primates” and “The History of the Research in Biology”. He also worked as a journalist and reporter specializing in cities and their nature for the Berliner Seiten and Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung. He lives as journalist and writer in Berlin.