The Horde of the Counterwind

900 pages


Genre: Philosophy, Nature, Fiction, Literature, Literary Novel
Alain Damasio's cult novel

Imagine a world shaken by winds whose force surpasses our understanding. Imagine a group of men born to face those winds until their final breaths. Within the deafening noise of the wind, on the Lower Slopes, an elite group of twenty-three children were raised for the sole purpose of facing the ever blowing gusts, climbing up windwards for the rest of their lives. Their goal: to find the mysterious source of the wind in the Upper Reaches. There have been thirty-three attempts in eight hundred years, thirty-three Hordes that have failed. My name is Sov, scribe. I’m here today to talk to you in the name of the thirty-fourth, and most probably the last...


Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire

Rated 9th on the list of the best French novels of all times by Le Monde

German title: La Horde du Contrevent
ISBN: 978-3-7518-0078-5
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Sold to:

Russische Föderation, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany

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Alain Damasio is a writer, sociologist, co-founder of the video game studio Dontnod and the sound art studio Tarabust. Born in 1969, ESSEC graduate, he has been giving TEDx talks since 2014. Wth his 3 novels he became a cult author and France most read science fiction writer.

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“A striking novel that grips you from the very first page and won’t let you go before it comes to a conclusion and even for a long time afterwards. Damasio has taken on every kind of challenge and won his bet: The Horde of Counterwind is a masterpiece.” Le Monde

“A real gem, born from the literary pillars of classicism. This brilliant, disturbing allegorical text is totally mind-boggling.” Le Figaro

“In this novel one finds a style of writing, an ambition, an unfettered freedom that has been missing from French science-fiction.” Télérama