Knives, Tongues

Knives, Tongues

187 pages


Genre: Fiction, Literature, Literary Novel
In her debut novel, SGL approaches the gaps in her own family biography in a radical, formal and extraordinarily tender way.

Girl feels first-hand how quickly some lives are forgotten and how many generations they remain inscribed in the bodies of those who come after them. She notices it in the glances that pass over her, in her brother who does not speak her mother tongue without an accent, in the books in which she searches in vain for characters who resemble her. But all comparisons must inevitably fail because, apart from a few fragmentary memories, Girl lacks knowledge about her ancestors, who appear neither in official nor in family historiography. From loose threads, fragments of the past and myths, the author's alter ego therefore begins to construct her own family tree with a radicality that is in no way inferior to reality. Its widely ramified, many-leaved branches reach from the Cape Coloured community in South Africa across the Atlantic to present-day Germany and for the first time also give a place to those who have been denied a history and a voice until now. Together with girls, in Simoné Goldschmidt-Lechner's debut novel Knives, Tongues, they now loudly pose the question of origins and "home" and what stories it takes to escape oblivion.

German title: Messer, Zungen
ISBN: 978-3-7518-0088-4
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Publication date: 2022

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Simoné Goldschmidt-Lechner (sgl) writes, translates, makes podcasts, deals with (queer) fan cultures on the net, horror from a post-migrant perspective, language in video games and gives workshops on socio-political topics. She was a finalist at the open mike 2020, a scholarship holder at the LCB-Autor:innenwerkstatt and in the stART.up programme of the Claussen-Simon Foundation as well as a participant in the writing lab "Vergangenheit vorhersagen" with Luna Ali at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf.