Prana Extreme

Prana Extreme

301 pages


Genre: Literature, Fiction, Literary Novel
Giant dragonflies, Chupa Chups, a stolen meteorite in a psychedelic, increasingly hot Tyrolean summer: Prana Extreme tells of the longing to grasp the world

On the Bergisel ski jump in the Tyrolean winter sports metropolis of Innsbruck in early summer, the narrator Joshua and his partner Lisa meet sixteen-year-old Michael Stiening, an Austrian ski jumping talent who is preparing for the new season and his attack on the world's best. In the training methods of his older sister Johanna, gravitation, inclusiveness and self-confrontation come together. When Joshua and Lisa move into the holiday flat in the siblings' house, a temporary community is formed, which is unexpectedly joined by Joshua's eccentric but caring grandma Suzet and, for a few weeks, little Tilde. And so, in this hot summer in this almost unreal place near the swamps where aloe vera grows in the Alps, a journey of self-discovery begins for all of them. Prana Extreme is an attempt to depict the rapidly changing world in a multi-layered way; it is the venture to create space for a different togetherness through attention and humour; a book that tells of the success of deep connection.


Nominated for the Leipzig Book Prize 2023
German title: Prana Extrem
ISBN: 978-3-7518-0086-0
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Publication date: 2022
Print run: 2



Joshua Groß, born in 1989 in Grünsberg, studied political science, economics and ethics of text cultures. He has received several awards, among others the Anna Seghers Prize 2019, the Hölderlin Förderpreis 2021, the Literature Prize of the A und A Kulturstiftung 2021 and a residency scholarship from the Literarisches Colloquium Berlin 2021. 

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"Effortlessly Groß switches between gamerlingo, rap jargon, post-structuralist theoretical terms and poetizing anachronisms. In the collision of these linguistic realms, but also in their virtuosic motivic intertwining, sparks are struck that are as fascinating as they are enigmatic in their sparkling luminosity." taz