298 pages

Hardcover with numerous illustrations

Genre: Science, Nonfiction, Biology, Nature Writing, Nature
Symbiosis - nature‘s thousand years old method to make species cooperate

From birds that relieve buffalos of irritating insects in the African savannah, dogs that are engaged in an inseparable relationship with humans for their whole life, up to plant cells and blue algea that converged and colour the world of fauna green and build the foundation for life on our planet: symbiosis are part of nature’s most astonishing phenomena. This book shows and explains the mutual alliances and with large charts it invites to explore the colourful shapes of this fantastic interaction. At the same time it points out how fragile and worth protecting this kind of grown cooperation is, which secures the survival of so many life forms.

German title: Symbiosen - Das erstaunliche Miteinander in der Natur
ISBN: 978-3-95757-366-7
Publisher: Matthes & Seitz Berlin
Publication date: 2017
Print run: 2
Series: Naturkunden Vol. 035
Sold to: Italy, China, South Korea

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Josef H. Reichholf, born in Aigen am Inn in 1945, is one of the best-known biologists in the German-speaking world. He taught for many years at both Munich universities and was head of department at the Zoological State Collection in Munich. The bestselling author has been awarded numerous prizes, including the Sigmund Freud Prize for scientific prose.

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"Rarely has this most astonishing coexistence of nature been depicted more vividly and aesthetically appealingly than in this volume, which adds another masterpiece of book design to the wonderful 'Naturkunden' book series."
- Klaus Taschwer, Der Standard