The Labour of Enjoyment

The Labour of Enjoyment

254 pages


Genre: Nonfiction, Philosophy, Sociology, Essay

Enjoyment appears as purely private matter, but this is by far not the case. Ever since Aristotle the philosophical social critique is tormented by the question, whether the libidinal tendencies of human subjects allow the construction of a just political-economic order. It seemed at first that in modernity this problem had been overcome. Economic liberalism and utilitarianism argued that egoistic private interests and social justice were directly linked and that capitalism united libidinal and political economy in the best possible manner. But the political-economic panorama soon turned out significantly more complex and contradictory. Tomšič’s essay recalls central Marxian and Freudian insights and circumscribes the political stakes of psychoanalysis under the general banner of a Critique of Libidinal Economy.

German title: The Labour of Enjoyment - Towards a Critique of Libidinal Economy
ISBN: 978-3-94136-056-3
Publisher: August Verlag
Publication date: 2019
Print run: 2
Sold to: Italy, Spain

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»The book provides a heretofore untraveled path through the political possibilities present in psychoanalysis. Tomšič unapologetically sees Freud as a political thinker on a par with, if not surpassing, Marx.« – Todd McGowan, Continental Thought & Theory