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Svenska Dagbladet has read Hanna Engelmeier's essay Trost on the role of comfort in literature.

El País has read the Spanish translation of Anne Weber's novel Annette and loved it.

Susanne Wedlich's book Slime. A Cultural History is a BBC4 Book of the Week.

Anne Weber is on the shortlist of the Premio Strega Europeo 2021 with the Italian translation of her novel Annette. Ein Heldinnenepos published by Mondadori and translated by Agnese Grieco.

Matthes & Seitz is now representing the French bestseller author Alain Damasio worldwide: Les Furtifs and La Horde du Contrevent

Dietmar Dath's novel Gentzen or Cleaning Up Drunk is nominated for the German Book Prize 2021.

Heike Behrend has been awarded the Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2021 for her essay Incarnation of an Ape.

Anne Weber has been awarded the German Book Prize 2020 for her novel Annette. An Epic Heroine.

Recent Sales

Am Rand by Paul Scraton to Poland (Wydawnictwo Czarne)

Aber der Himmel - grandios by Dalia Grinkeviciute to Iceland (The Vigdis Finnbogadottir Institute of Foreign Languages)

Enlivenment by Andreas Weber to Spain (Editorial Kairós)

Transparenzgesellschaft by Byung-chul Han to Estonia (Kultuurileht)

Das Buch von Schleim by Susanne Wedlich and Algen. Ein Portrait by Miek Zwamborn to Italy (Nottetempo)

Menschenwerdung eines Affen by Heike Behrend to China (People's Literature)

Transparenzgesellschaft by Byung-chul Han to Albanian (Pika Pa Siterfaqe)

Orte des lebendigen Todes by László F. Földényi and Agonie des Eros by Byung-chul Han to North Macedonian (Artkonekt)

Hitler, die Philosophie und der Hass by Peter Trawny to Norway (Existenz Forlag)

Undienlichkeit by Iris Därmann to Spain/Latin America (Katakrak)

Erdöl. Ein Atlas der Petromoderne by Alexander Klose and Benjamin Steininger to Russia (Logos)

zu den blühenden allmaterie by Gustav Sjöberg to Italy (Neri Pozza)

Dunkle Zahlen by Matthias Senkel to Russia (Gorodets)

Der Missbrauch des Eigentums by Daniel Loick to USA/UK (The MIT Press)

Orte des lebendigen Todes by László Földényi to France (Éditions de la Différence)

Eidechsen. Ein Portrait by Joachim Sartorius to Taiwan (Seed Design and Publishing)

Käfer. Ein Portrait by Bernhard Kegel to Taiwan (Seed Design and Publishing)

Menschenwerdung eines Affen by Heike Berend to Spain/Spanish World (Herder)

Strategien der Wirtsfindung by Brigitta Falkner to Chile (Editorial Vortex)

Universalität nach dem Universalismus by Marcus Messling to France (PUF)

Das Leben der Mächtigen by Zora del Buono to Brazil (Editora Nave)

Annette. Ein Heldinnenepos by Anne Weber to Bulgaria (Black Flamingo)

Buch der Königstöchter , Pocahontas in Wonderland , Warum Cortés wirklich siegte, You give me fever  by Klaus Theweleit to France (L'Arche Éditeur)

Against Nature by Lorraine Daston to Korea (Gimm-Young Publishers)

Palliativgesellschaft, Agonie des Eros by Byung-Chul Han to Hungary (Typotex Kiado)


Matthes & Seitz Berlin is a German independent publishing house founded in 2004 by Andreas Rözer. It was established in the tradition of Matthes & Seitz Munich, a publishing house founded by Axel Matthes and Claus Seitz in 1977. Matthes & Seitz Berlin publishes about 80 titles per year in fiction and non-fiction.

The fiction list includes contemporary authors from Germany, like Frank Witzel (winner of the German Book Prize 2015), Anne Weber (German Book Prize 2020), Esther Kinsky, Angela Steidele, and Philip Schönthaler. Matthes & Seitz Berlin is not only known for German literature, but also for the translations of contemporary and classic French literature like Antonin Artaud, Emmanuel Carrère, Céline Minard and Éric Vuillard, the winner of the Prix Goncourt 2017. Among the strong list of Russian literature you find Warlam Schalamow, Iliazd, Alexander Ilitchevski and Alexander Goldstein.

Non-fiction has always had a central place in Matthes & Seitz's program, especially philosophy, political theory, and art and cultural studies. Translations from the French and English play a large part, as do prominent German authors like Jürgen Goldstein (winner of the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2016). The series Fröhliche Wissenschaft (The Joyful Wisdom), with its short essays, is a prominent stage for presenting audacious new philosophers. Its authors, who include Byung-chul Han and Marcus Steinweg, have been translated into numerous languages.

In 2013 Matthes & Seitz Berlin established a new cornerstone in its program with the series Naturkunden (Natural Sciences), which publishes books whose design matches nature's beauty, bringing nature writing, movement, space, ecology, and humanity into focus. In order to stimulate German literary voices writing about nature Matthes & Seitz Berlin donates the "German Price for Nature Writing".

To read more about Matthes & Seitz Berlin: Jürgen Boos in conversation with Andreas Rötzer

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